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Good Morning All!

Just wanted to share with you how awesome our students did at the River Ridge Horse/Dairy/Livestock Contest last Friday, September 22, 2017! If you see any of these students please congratulate them on their success!
Jr Dairy team placed 1st Place out of 13 teams
Sr Dairy team placed 11th Place out of 22 teams
Sr Horse team placed 1st Place out of 10 teams
Sr Livestock team placed 17th Place out of 25 teams
Top Scoring Individuals
Tia Coates #1 out of 22 individuals
Devinn Rooney #6 out of 22 individuals
Allison Adrian #4 out of 55 Individuals
Kaelyn Weigel #6 out of 55 individuals
Alex Sonsalla #7 out of 55 individuals
Drew Noble #15 out of 80 individuals
Brandon Weigel #6 out of 64 individuals
Jess Anderson #13 out of 64 individuals