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While students are participating  in activities at Platteville High School we want to ensure the safety and well being of all students.  Along with the National Federation of High School Associations and the W.I.A.A., the administration and staff of the Platteville School District discourages the use of supplements by students for performance enhancement.  Supplements may not and will not at any time be consumed, dispensed or distributed on school grounds.  Attached to this post is a PDF from the WIAA of the substances that are banned and also is a list of discouraged items.  The “DISCOURAGED” list is what the WIAA feels that will be a healthy choice for the student athlete.  


The NFHS and the WIAA have also stated that CBD Oils are a banned substance that should not be consumed or in possession of a student athlete.  The consumption and possession is only permitted if it is prescribed by a medical professional to the student athlete.


WIAA Banned Substances 2018-19 copy