Boys Swimming Program

The Platteville High School boys swimming program runs a cooperative team effort with Lancaster High School. The team is known as the Platteville/Lancaster Hillmen Swimming Team. The team competes in dual, triangular, and invitational competitions. The team will also compete in the WIAA Division II State Tournament series.

Practices begin the second week of November at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville Williams Fieldhouse pool. Practice times are 4:00-6:00 p.m. Swimmers will continue to practice until their last competition,which could vary from the last week of January to the second week of February, depending on how far each swimmer advances in tournaments.

Expectations for participation in this program include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Punctuality and attendance at all practices and contests, unless previously excused by coach.
  2. Represent self, team, school, and family by exemplifying good sportsmanship and role modeling.
  3. Exhibit a respect for all competitors, officials, parents, coaches, and team-mates.
  4. Demonstrate a willingness to work cooperatively with team-mates from Lancaster High School.
  5. Continue to uphold the tradition of “Academic Excellence” among members of the PHS Hillmen Swim Team.
  6. All team members will “dress up” on meet days and will travel as a team to and from the competition site.
  7. Team members will purchase their own competition and practice suits.
  8. Coaches should be notified by the student and/or parent about any special medical concerns before the season begins.
  9. Awards will be presented at the end of the season to those athletes that have completed the season in good standing. All swimmers are eligible to earn a varsity monogram/certificate. Freshmen swimmers who do not earn a varsity monogram will receive patches. Sophomore swimmers who do not earn a varsity monogram will receive numerals. Special awards include Captain, Most Valuable, and Most Improved. Additional sport specific awards will be awarded and described by the coach at team meetings.