Student Council Program

Platteville High School’s Student Council is a group of students that is chosen
to represent and work in the interest of the student body. Emphasis is placed
on developing skills in leadership, decision-making, planning, parliamentary
procedure, cooperation, and responsibility.
The ultimate goal of the student council is to encourage student ownership at
Platteville High School, so that it is a positive environment for all students, both
academically and socially.
What does student council actually do?
Students who are chosen for the council attend meetings twice a month.
Attendance is mandatory. After two unexcused absences, you will be asked to
vacate your position on the Council, and the runner-up for that position will be
asked to take over. Meetings are held before school on Wednesday mornings. At
these meetings, members discuss projects, duties, or activities that are either
underway or in the planning stages. These may include projects such as
Homecoming (fall spirit week and dance), community service, leadership
seminars, summer camp, lock-in, teacher appreciation, or school improvement.
In the past, student council has done everything from taste-testing pizza products
for possible use in the lunch program to painting the school’s bathrooms.
The student council rents and operates a pop machine in the commons area of
the school, which provides most of the money needed for council activities.
Therefore, few, if any, fund-raising activities are needed. The council does,
however, occasionally sell school spirit items that they feel will enhance pride
and unity at Platteville High School.
How do you get to be on student council?
Student Council is open to any member of the student body. Each class votes for
their respective officers. Questions can be directed to the advisor.